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WIP Unreal Environment

Working on and environment intended for use in UDK
Posting progress here.

I'm taking this image, by Khang Le and make in 3d for UDK


this Is My reference I DID NOT MAKE THIS IMAGE.
This concept is Khang Le's work. If you'd like to see more his website is here.

Now for some of my shots



Not so Sure about my design for that chair. any suggestions


  • cholden
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    cholden polycounter lvl 13
    you might want to start blocking this out in UDK before getting too detailed to ensure correct scale and proportion. Always helps me as it's easy to make an environment WAY too tight in max, and then end up with tons of empty area in unreal.
  • ErichWK
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    ErichWK polycounter lvl 12
    There isn't much to suggest..mostly because there isn't much there. Chris is 100% right that you should do a quick block out to get your proportions right and lets you figure out the scale of the scene and what you have to do to approach everything. Already your chair is pretty off from the concept and the desk is pretty different. This scene has some complicated details also, so blocking the stuff out will help you realize if you can pull everything off
  • Delerium
    Thats a bad ass concept! It maybe would be cool to take it even further and make the exterior underwater so it would look like a underwater laboratory.
    Not much to crit what you have right now except what the other said; to block everything out before you start to go into details, good luck!
  • TonyBTiger83
    I've already done a few scale test in Unreal. I bring the assets once they reach a point where their form is blocked out, to check on the scale. I have a basic mesh to represent form of the room. But that's a petty good suggestion. I may be focusing on detail to early. I'll focus on blocking out the scene more and go back to the detail once its blocked out.
  • TonyBTiger83
    Thanks I appreciate the comments
  • TonyBTiger83

    I began focusing on blocking out the scene as per cholden and ErichWK's comments. all the models are low poly now, mostly primatives, but I'm able to build them and move them into place much faster. Then I will check the scene in Unreal for scaling. Then I will go back and detail the models and finalize the geometry.
  • IchII3D
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    IchII3D polycounter lvl 12
    Defiantly the way to go with the block out first, I'm interested to see how you plan on bridging the contemporary stone with scifi metals. From an artistic perceptive I would possibly look into loosing those laser/led screens and work more with the underwater captains quarters themes, having his prize monster collection of sea beasts above him. Playing on the themes of that steam-punk looking bench and those windows looking into the abyss.

    Currently the concept throws together Bioshock and Deadspace into some bizarre twist. Although that could possibly be just my personal opinions on taste :P
  • TonyBTiger83
    Well I'm back. haven't been at this for a bit. Took a trip out to GDC and all, but now its time to get back on it. Just have a few items I want to add in the block out.


    even started blocking out the side opposite my reference


    I'm a little concerned about those windows, Thinking it might be smarter to do them as one solid mesh with a repeating texture in the final version.
  • cholden
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    cholden polycounter lvl 13
    You may have missed the boat on the whole blockout concept. It was really meant to happen WITHIN unreal. All this max stuff is cute, but not the answer you're looking for for accurate final presentation and scale.
  • TonyBTiger83
    So you want me to make everything out of BSP?
    Sorry but i don't see the point of that when, I can't bring it back in to Maya to use as a scale reference? I'd basically be guessing at the scale at that point.

    Using this method I've been checking scale of the models in Unreal periodically. That is what I thought you meant to do. Everything seems good so far, Not much room for a gun fight, but I was really only going for aesthetics anyway.

    I was going to post a shot from unreal once all the block out is done.
  • Dn2
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    Dn2 polycounter lvl 11
    btw you can export bsp as obj's :)
  • cholden
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    cholden polycounter lvl 13
    So you want me to make everything out of BSP?.

    Nope. I didn't say that.

    There's a number of ways you can block things out. That's up to you. I generally toss a few quick meshes in from max, adjust scale as required and apply those changes to the original content in max. Dn2 made a good point as well.
  • TonyBTiger83
    sorry for mis-interpreting.
    That pretty close to what I've been doing. I make the simple meshes in Maya export to unreal and check it. Then apply the changes in maya. I've juet been showing maya screenshots.
  • linkov
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    linkov polycounter lvl 10
    these days UDK allows export of BSP to some common 3d formats, that max and maya can understand.
  • TonyBTiger83
    So I should probubly put these up. I've been sitting on them for a few days. I'm done with the block out and I've started modeling the actual assets again.


    and some shoes of everything blocked out in Unreal.


  • jocose
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    jocose polycounter lvl 11
    Good block in dude. I would advise you to start thinking about lighting asap. You don't have to complete it but as you move forward the amount of work you do and where you invest your time will be greatly effected by it.

    I'm curious what your workflow or plan is on that front?
  • TonyBTiger83
    I'm going to use a work flow I'm familiar with in the industry.

    Model and UV all the assets in Maya.
    Use tile-able textures, (I'm going to try a new method here and create my tiles in Z brush not in PS. Though I may resort back to PS for some things.)

    Then I place all the assets in Maya and bake out shadow maps and a few other tuning tricks

    The I bring everything into unreal and instance it. I've never actually done instancing in Unreal before. I need to figure out how it works or if its even possible. It just makes the work flow so much easier.

    I'm aware right now there there is a difference of 6.5 between my current scene in Maya and my Unreal scene so i have to keep that in mind.

    again lots of tuning, especially with lighting.

    That is currently my work flow plan. but you know sometime you have to change things on the fly

    I may not need to bake out shadow maps Beast seems to make that unnecessary. but even if I don't NEED to I'm still going to do it anyway for practice.
  • TonyBTiger83
    Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while. Paid work has been kicking my butt lately. Anyway I had a chance to knock out a few assets. If anyone wants to see one of these assets in more detail, I'll post a breakdown of it.

    The Items on the fireplace shelves are stand ins, not final art. There will be normal maps on the final versions.

  • sketch81
    Hey TonyBTiger83, your assets looks great but the fireplace may need tweaking when being compared to the concept. The opening on your fireplace looks a little narrow and the overall front shape is not that round. I've attached a side by side image which will help explain what I'm trying to say.
    I really appreciate your insight on how you go about creating environments and I look forward to further updates. Keep it up.

  • TonyBTiger83
    looks like you are correct sir. Thanks of the feedback.
  • duxun
  • gsokol
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    gsokol Polycount Sponsor
    Lookin good man.

    Like jocose said, setting up lighting early would be cool....it can really help set the mood for your scene, and you can see how your textures look in near-final lighting.
  • TonyBTiger83
    I'll keep that in mind once I get all the assets modeled,before I start on the textures.
  • TonyBTiger83
    It's been a while since I've posted. I just wanted to post the assets I've been working on. I have been working, when I find the time. I positioned some of the assets once I made them, but I haven't duplicated them to mimic the block out yet. I made some books then I created a few sets of 4 and 6 and optimized them, deleting interior faces and face towards the bottom and back of the sets. Then I made a few sets of more randomly place books and two stacks of books. Then I optimized these as well. I made 4 types of bottles for his wine and liquor collection. Next I plan to model the roof and windows from the concept image, then I should be ready to zbrush the big floating statues.


  • TonyBTiger83
    Playing around with some lighting. Only a 1st pass

  • TonyBTiger83
    I've been working in Z brush to sculpt the 2 creatures floating next to the ceiling in the concept. Not done with this asset yet. This is just the adaptive skin at level4 after retopology. I just wanted to post something. I know the head is different. I changed it because the original design didn't read well in 3D

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