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UnrealED 2.5 Dark+Grainy Post-Process Effect Help

Hey everyone,

I'm using an older Unreal editor to make maps for Gears of War and I'm trying to achieve a dark horror feel. The closest example I can find is something that the Diablo 3 fans wanted from Diablo3 in this pic:


*Please excuse the language, the pic is not mine.

I'm looking to create that same dark grainy effect by either using post processing or adding a material node in the PPE chain. However, when I play with de-saturation, I get a completely washed out look. I know UDK just added a film grain effect but unfortunately I can't access that in the GoW editor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially with the material editor (which seems to have much if not the same capability of UDK's material editor).


  • haiddasalami
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    The film grain material is pretty much just a sin and cos manipulation of UV coordinates. Never messed around with UE 2.5 editor but will post the film grain material as reference for you. On the bus right now :(

    EDIT: Hmm its not sin and cos. Pretty sure I used that in mine..or maybe I changed it to time. Ah well here's the network


    Wait are you using UE 2.5 or UT3? (Gears and Unreal Touranment 3) These nodes should be there in that and you should be able to re-create this.
  • def
    I am using the Gears editor which I believe is UE 2.5. Thank you for the help, I'll try it later tonight or early tomorrow and see if I can throw a screenshot up.
  • Xendance
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    Gears of War uses Unreal Engine 3. The editor, I believe, is called "Unreal Editor for Gears of War/Unreal Engine 3". Unreal Tournament 2004 used UE 2.5, and the editor's name was Unreal Editor 3 ;)

    It goes something like this:

    Unreal Tournament: UEd 1 and later UEd 2
    Unreal Tournament 2003: UEd 3
    Unreal Tournament 2004: UEd 3

    UE 3: Unreal Editor for Unreal Engine 3.
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