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Windows Mobile 7 Series

I'm Excited! anyone with me??? Anyone?

Here is the website


and a Gizmodo article


Do we finally get live anywhere??? Will bubble Burst finally give me some freakin achievements?? I think so...


  • bbob
    I got pretty excited about this too..

    Lets face it, the old, or current windows mobile generation sucks. But this one looks much MUCH more user friendly. +1 for Microsoft in actually focusing on design and usability.

    Also, the fact that this looks like it is very much based on the zune HD has gotten me all giddy, since that is a very smooth experience, both graphically and functionally; The former being because of the nVidia tegra processors, which also might make it an interesting gaming platform!

    If nothing else, it might pressure apple to make a better iPhone, and vice versa. Finally, the smartphone is not only stepping out of the clumsy, hard to use, geek closet; Now the giants are also gonna get some competition going.
  • Rurouni Strife
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    Rurouni Strife polycounter lvl 10
    I'm interested to see where it goes. I'm on WinMo 6.1 right now and it's ok, but the interface is terrible. I'm planning to jump to Android (Moto Droid!!) as soon as I can afford to but if I have to wait till the fall/winter to do so, I'll definitely look into WinMo 7. As of now, looks great, but I've heard some awful rumors too (no multi tasking).
  • JacqueChoi
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    JacqueChoi polycounter
    Not sure if I read this correctly or not, but Can I actually play my XBLA games on this thing?


    Instant buy for me if that's the case.
  • die_Kröte
    I'll be keeping my eyes out too... I've started development for Android but don't have a phone yet and nothing concrete. If there's an SDK, C library, and better hardware for graphics I could easily consider making a switch...
  • bbob
    JacqueChoi wrote: »
    Not sure if I read this correctly or not, but Can I actually play my XBLA games on this thing?


    Instant buy for me if that's the case.

    If its anything like the zune hd, it should have XNA support.

    EDIT: Oh baww, just saw the post with "no multitasking" in it.. Made me sad :(
  • Master_v12
  • willy-wilson
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    willy-wilson polycounter lvl 8
    Is Microsoft actually releasing its own hardware or just windows 7 because i want the phone all the previews they have are running on but when looking it up i just see it running on others hardware.

    i want this hardware here, the one similar to the zuneHD but i cant find any pictures of this actual phone :/ only htc and samsung phones.

  • leslievdb
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    leslievdb polycounter lvl 13
    i'm getting one for free when the first batch comes out
    tnx microsoft :D
  • Sandbag
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    Sandbag polycounter lvl 17
    the phone currently supports game development through XNA, which alone is pretty exciting, but hopefully someone will the step up the plate and offer a middleware solution that gives me an actual editor to work with. Unity has iPhone and now Android support, so I'm really hoping they can get in on winPhone7 too.

    As soon as the second phone hits (the first phone looks kind of lame, but apparently they have rights to be first to launch? I cant find the article anymore so hopefully it's bogus) I'll be right in line to buy one. XBLA on my phone is just too awesome.

    My biggest question though is will we finally get away from MS Points? Will the regular App/Music Marketplace make you use MS Points? I think they'll really be shooting themselves in the foot if they try to force points onto all of the phone's transactions...
  • piippo
    MS did the right thing when forcing certain hardware minimum specs. That will help a lot in the app(game) development process.

    MS is pretty open about handing out those development phones for (some) devs, so that's cool.
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