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{Portfolio} Amotaf - Hobby Artist - update

I've updated my portfolio with a couple of more pieces and I've updated/ reworked some of my assets mainly the Willis Jeep.

Anyway critique away........ (that's only if you want to of course)



  • Tumerboy
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    Tumerboy polycounter lvl 14
    Good gallery, I like it, it's accessible and easy to look through. I don't think you need pictures of the original object at the bottom of those pages though.

    Your name at the top should have an Email address/link under it (or the name itself should be so).

    Your "About" page seems too cluttered and wall of texty. I'd simplify that some. Post links to your resume in PDF and some .doc or .rtf format. I'd lose the picture on the right, or make it of something worth my time. I can't really tell what it is, or why it's there.
  • A Rabid Moose!!!
    Hey Amotaf,

    Some really nice stuff in there! Yea I agree about the About section, just make it easier to read.

    I think it kind of helps having the reference images in there, but I could see why you might want to get rid of them. It is up to you. The only one that it lets down is the watch, because the ref is really interesting and beaten up and yours isn't. If you didn't show the ref all I would think would be "nice model".
  • fabio brasilien
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    fabio brasilien polycounter lvl 11
    Nice work!
    There are my comments:
    There is a spelling mistake on the text: "2048 Diffuse, Specular & Normal Creted in Photoshop and Crazybump" on the WH dreadnought
    I think you don´t need to mention "amateur". You have professional work on that! ;)
  • amotaf
    Hey guys,

    @Fabio - yeah I put amateur as it's still a hobby pretty much it's not what I do as a proper job, I mean I did get a little freelance experience thanks to Marcus and Alan who let me test the water out props for that.

    @Rabid & Turnerboy - Yeah I just slapped that up just a little bit about myself and what I've done etc.

    I might sort it out later I want to create an environment in UDK, So I wanna spend time on that.

    Really I just need critiques on the content as I like making 3d art to a good standard so any critique that could aid the piece(s) to achieve a better standard would be greatly appreciated

    Kind regards,
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