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Wacom + Windows 7 fix

polycounter lvl 16
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TWilson polycounter lvl 16
I'm sure this has been talked about a thousand times, but after a quick search of the Polycount forums I didn't find the solution. The problem is Windows 7 has all kinds of built in pen and tablet settings and pings and popups that really make a professional tablet useless. I've just set up a new machine with Windows 7 and an Intuos 4 so it's nice and fresh in my mind. Here is the solution:

Windows Features > Disable Tablet PC Components

Pen and Touch > Flicks > OFF
Pen and Touch > Use the pen button as right-click equivalent > ON
Pen and Touch > Use the top of the pen to erase ink > OFF (might not matter)
Pen and Touch > Press and Hold Settings > OFF
Pen and Touch > Input Panel Gesture Settings > OFF

Run gpedit from command line (not from Run in Start menu).
Navigate to User Configuration - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Tablet PC - Cursor.
Enable the Turn off pen feedback setting.


  • PhattyEwok
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    PhattyEwok polycounter lvl 9
    You can also disable all of it at once by going to

    Programs and Features in the Control Panel

    Turn Windows features on or off

    Then Uncheck Tablet PC Components


    Nvm you said the same in less words at the beginning
  • SpeCter
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    SpeCter polycounter lvl 11
    Fortunately this things are ripped of my Win7 Prof. DVD, no annoying disabling and stuff :D
  • D4V1DC
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    D4V1DC polycounter lvl 13
    I had to do all these tricks so I just uninstalled the drivers updated gfx cards to only the driver and not catalyst (don't use it anyway) read somewhere that this could be the issue... Located the correct regional updates to my Wacom boom works.

    I just find it ridiculous that we have to go through these extremes to just use our software/hardware. Right now it's working but I fear a restart, that will usually disable it's functionality, if it does happen again I'll try the above, so far so good.

    Thanks maybe one of our "helpful" posts will help out other users with similar issues.


    I have a cheap graphite 4 CTE so this is how I sort of fixed my issue, control panel/ uninstall Wacom netscape tablet (or anything that said Wacom), go to start all programs, pen tablet, Clicked remove under my preferences, then also under all user preferences, if you have a backup just restore it, I didn't do that cause I don't mind resetting it.

    It magically worked... but no restart yet so who knows... hope it works for you.
    As of:

    Wacom graphire CTE-4 win7 64bits home premium.
  • Michael Knubben
    I appreciate that you're posting this for people, but aren't you spreading needless FUD here? "really make a professional tablet useless"?
    Annoying, sure, but to go as far as claim it renders your Wacom useless seems like a ridiculous exageration.
  • pior
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    pior grand marshal polycounter
    Comeon Pea you cut your hair or what!

    Thanks Wilson, was just about to go through all that crap (again!) myself.

    Also, not all Wacom drivers are equal. Especially soon after the release of 7, finding a working one was a true pain in the ass (making me smile even more at the SEVEN WILL FIX EVERYTHINGZ! crowd). It might be better now. But if someone knows a driver number that works well, please post too!
  • r_fletch_r
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    r_fletch_r polycounter lvl 9
    Mighty Pea: for me it did render the tablet useless. I couldnt use it in max because it slowed the views down so much. Turned this shit off and its as smooth as silk.

    pior: once all the windows shit is disabled the latest release works perfect for me under 7.
  • mpintar
    does anyone know how you can disable the wacom to be used on both monitors on Win7? i want it so it is only mapped to one of my monitors.

  • SpeCter
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    SpeCter polycounter lvl 11
    mpintar wrote: »
    does anyone know how you can disable the wacom to be used on both monitors on Win7? i want it so it is only mapped to one of my monitors.


    For me it was enough to change it in the Wacom Tablet settings...
    Just map it to one monitor


    Sorry for the images beeing in german. but you should get the hang of it anyway.

    Just select Pen Settings->Projection and change the Value to Screen 1
  • Synthesizer
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    Synthesizer polycounter lvl 11
    Hmm, I get an odd issue in Maya, even after applying all these fixes, the button mapping on the pen gets screwed up if I'm not using the sculpt or 3d paint tools, it works fine in that case. Has anyone got an idea of what might be wrong? I'm using maya 2009.
  • BradMyers82
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    BradMyers82 interpolator
    This is so 3 years ago! J/K good thinking on documenting this on pc, I'm sure many will find this helpful.
  • Betty Hime
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    Betty Hime polycounter lvl 9
    If you guys have the new intous's you might find this article informative. It helped me loads http://junkyardsam.blogspot.com/2009/02/wacom-cintiq-driver-manual-adjustment.html
  • gsokol
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    gsokol Polycount Sponsor
    For me it was enough to change it in the Wacom Tablet settings...
    Just map it to one monitor

    Also worth noting, for lefties its nice to be able to map the tablet upside down. Mainly if you have a tablet with buttons only on one side (I'm too poor to get one big enough with them on both sides :P) Then the buttons are accessible with your right hand and you don't accidentally hit zoom all the time like I used to.
  • SpeCter
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    SpeCter polycounter lvl 11
    Which one do you have then?Normally you can change it to be left-handed and map it to one screen, don´t know where your problem is
  • chronic
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    chronic polycounter lvl 10
    I used to do all that services and uninstalling windows components stuff - but i just bought a new intuous4 and using the latest BETA drivers im fairly satisfied. i turned off all the pen features possible in win7 - i still get the little ripples and stuff when im interacting with windows and regular applications BUT all that stuff gets deactivated when i am in photoshop or maya and the pen and cursor act just as i'd expect. this is pretty much fine by me.
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