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[Finished] Persian Guard

insane polycounter
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Pav3d insane polycounter


After not doing anything realistic for a while I wanted to return to it, so this time im doing a Persian guard, loosely based in the Sassanian period.

This painting by Ludwig Deutsch was the main inspiration for the lighting and mood of the final piece.

The model is a bit far in the high poly but can all still be changed so Id be appreciative of any feedback!

Feathers will be remade properly at the texturing stage.

Head still needs some refinement and pores/wrinkles

Her axe

Here is the mood board compiled at an earlier blockout stage


  • iam717
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    iam717 keyframe

    i am late!, looking forward to it.

  • hwaminjung
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    hwaminjung polycounter lvl 2
  • MagicMeister
    I saw this on artstation earlier today and just had to stop and stare for a while! Really excellent work, I'm motivated and impressed.
    Edit: looking at the final textures compared with the block out phase, I'm curious about the embroidery. Is that done on a separate mesh from the rest of the tunic, or is all of the tunic one singular mesh that is divided up into separate textures?
  • HarlequinWerewolf
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    HarlequinWerewolf interpolator
    Gorgeous work! I've seen that kind of multiple UV set method used for stitches, I need to give it a go for something more complex! Thanks for the breakdown
  • MagicMeister
    Yeah that's extremely generous of you to share your process, thank you!
    I've often wondered how I would tackle layered embroidery, if it would be an entirely separate piece of geometry or something like this that can be layered in texturing. Hopefully I can adopt a workflow like this when I get to texturing on my current project. Again, thanks for your breakdown that's really awesome to see.

    Edit: did you project that embroidery pattern onto the high poly at some point in order to plan out where the support loops needed to go on your base mesh, or did you just model the loops where you wanted it to go and then project the pattern in texturing before baking out the normals?
  • MagicMeister
    Thanks so much for all of the insight and getting to see under the hood with your process, it's a huge help to someone like me who has the art skills but is still putting together the technical, software side of things. It does seem time consuming, but at the end of the day the result speaks for itself and I hope I can incorporate something like this using Blender as my primary low poly asset software. My current project doesn't have any traditional, emboridered clothing like this... it's all fantasy leather pieces and metal armor, but I'm sure I will come across something in the coming months and I'll definitely be referring back here to see if I can piece together a similar workflow.

    Great work

  • pxgeek
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    pxgeek keyframe
    Hot damn, your materials work is superb!!
    And thanks for sharing your process too!
  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J grand marshal polycounter
    as usual very beautiful and inspiring work
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