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[WIP] [UE5] The Lost Void Engine

Hey all! For a senior portfolio project for my school, I'm working on a large sci-fi train station, with the star of the scene being a huge train, almost like a monster train. I want the style to be more organic: think Giger meets Warframe, and I want to to be in the realm of stylized realism. I've been learning Substance Designer and incorporating it more into my workflow along with zbrush, so I'm super excited to learn along the way. I plan on using UE5 to render and present the scene.

I'm inspired by these pieces by Mark Li and Zhelong Xu. I love the scale of the train/environment ratio and want to try to match it. Zhelong's Giger inspired sculpt is effectively the shape language I want to utilize for the front of the train, keeping it creature inspired but ultimately mechanical. Of course his piece is more organic and flowy in the back, but the front, with the maw and face shield, is what I'm focusing on.

Here is a blockout I made in UE5, I like the scale and potential here but it's definitely subject to change along the way. 

I hope you join me on this journey! :heart:


  • the_good_owl
    I've been working on a trim sheet in designer just to start getting some materials and modular pieces together. Here's what I have so far. It's rough and nothing is final, but it's nice to get some color on pieces and have something to work with while I keep ideating and creating pieces for the kit. I look forward to breaking up some of the repetition but it's nice to see that even the most basic trimsheet creates the effect I want. 

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