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In search of 3D Artist to create models of snow management machines / vehicles for game modification


I am on the lookout for a 3D Artist who is interested in creating 3d model(s) of snow management machines, such as snow groomers. The model will be used in a game modification, which is created in Unity. It should therefore not have an excessive polycount and should be created in a way that is generally suited for video game usage. That involves paying attention to moving parts with regards to origin, rotation, object separation etc.
For a whole vehicle, we're ideally talking around 30-60k tris. Texturing is a bonus, but absolutely not required :)
This can of course serve as portfolio work for you! 

In the end, the model will be transformed into a functioning vehicle inside of the game Winter Resort Simulator Season 2.
My team and I already have quite a lot of experience with creating modifications for this game, and will of course provide as much information and help as possible. I will work close with you and be ready to answer any questions you have throughout the process.

If you think this sounds interesting or you want to further discuss, drop me a message, I look forward to you!
I will provide you with more detailed information once we get in touch, and I am also happy to show you some of our previous creations  ;)


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