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Dark Temple

Hi everyone!

 I’m Miguel and I am trying to build a future as an environment and prop artist. I have other works in my portfolio in Artstation (link: ArtStation - Miguel Morales Navas) but in this case, I want, to learn more and improve my skills through your critics. And maybe, following this line, to be able to find a job (everyone wants a job, right? 😉). So, with the aim of not extending myself more, I am going to explain what I am trying to do.

The main idea is to bring into life a temple with some nuances of Arabic and Muslim art but as if we are in another world in which humans have been stranger creatures as Gods (Lovecraft, Giger, and Bekinski styles). The temple was a long time ago abandoned, so it will be plagued by climbing plants and its walls and columns will be damage. I want to see a beautiful light coming from the dome of the ceiling reaching the pond and how some beam lights dive between the columns behind the altar, in which we will be able to find a pair of statues of these ancient gods.

For now, I am going to share the blocking that I did:

I hope you like the idea and follow this thread in the following entrances. Of course all your critics are welcome and if you want you can ask me to see your topics, portfolios, add you to social network, whatever. Life is beatutiful with more people!

My Linkedin: (3) Miguel Morales Navas | LinkedIn

My artstation: ArtStation - Miguel Morales Navas


  • MiguelMNavas

    Hello again!

    Today I will share the chapiters that I did and I want to use in the big columns. I have tried to model something without too many details because, as I am going to use them in the columns, they will be not too big and they have to be interesting but not the main “characters” of the scene.

    I have tried to give a creepy style, like creatures that come from another place, like a different dimension. They have to be dark, and for that, I have used my knowledge in psychology (I have a Ph.D. in Psychology) to sculpt details that correspond to some of the atavic fears which all human beings have. Big cranium, multiples holes, and a strange and big mouth.

    In this line of art (and putting apart some of the already known artists like Giger, Bekinski…and so on) you can check the incredible work of Dom Qwek (a genius!!)

    I hope you like it!

    And whatever comment is welcome!

  • MiguelMNavas

    Hello to everyone!

     These days I couldn’t do too much because I was working on the thesis for long sessions. Anyway, today I am going to share the model of the archery and the columns that will be placed on both sides of the temple. I have sculpted from a base mesh that I did on Maya. I have done variations in some of the parts that I have considered that will be more visible. I have used two levels of damages (three in the archery). I did not touch the chapiter yet, but I will do it soon.

    To do the damages I have searched references and taking into account how I will texture it, I left some of the details for this latter procedure.

    This next week I will share with you the low polys and the UVs unwrapped.  And by the weekend I hope to be able to share this modular part of the temple finished and in position inside Unreal.

    Thank you for following this thread and please, leave a comment! Are free! 😉

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    JULIO_CESAR polycounter lvl 4
    Hi Miguel! 
    Very nice idea, much inspirative! I hope to stay following your developing, want to see more.
  • MiguelMNavas
    Hey, Julio! Thanks for the comment. I hope to upload new advances soon. Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Whatever critic is welcome too! ;)
  • MiguelMNavas



    I’m here again! Today I will share with you the progress I have done with the column and the arch. More concretely, the “pack_1” because as you can see in my previous post I did 3 variations.

    Firstly, I want to show the retopology of the skull.

    I think I have done an acceptable job. I have maintained a low number of polygons and the result was good.

    Next, the UVS unwrapped:

    I have used two UDIMS in order to keep a good level of detail.

    And finally the textured model!:

    Some of the materials are from Quixel Mixer and used in Substance Painter with some color variations with the idea to integrate better the materials. A couple of things that I could highlight are:

    And for now… that’s all! I hope to be able to show you soon the next two packs already placed in the environment.

    Any comment? Any critic? Remember all of them are welcome here!

  • MiguelMNavas


    This time the post will be very short. I’m here only to share with you how it looks the second variation of the arch and the column. You will be able to see this second variation is more damaged. The third will be even more.

    Please leave your comments!

  • MiguelMNavas


    This is another short post, only to share the first look at the columns and the archery placed on the environment. I need to change some things to give more variability inside “each pack of columns”, but I will do that in the future.

    What do you think? 

    Leave comments! 

    And thanks!

  • MiguelMNavas



    Today (as usual) I am going to share the first material that I have done using Substance Designer: a marble material with some cracks.

    What do you think?

  • MiguelMNavas
    Hi people!

    Sorry for the delay in updating this thread but I was very busy defending my P.h.D. in which fortunately I have received the highest mark with a Cum Laude 😊. So I’m happy. Today I will share a point which for sure will change with time because I have in my mind add some new objects. But for now, here you have the reference that I’m using to bring to life this temple.

    At the same time, I want to share the small advances that I have done with a new image of the actual state of the project:

    Please, leave your critics!

  • MiguelMNavas

    Hi everyone!


    Sorry for having been absent, but I was at the end of my thesis and I was very busy preparing the presentation and filling a lot of documents for the administration. After that, I decided to take a break because I really needed it.

    Nevertheless, I continued -step by step- working on the temple which is already finished, so I’m going to show you a resume of the changes that I have done. First, as you can see in the image below, I changed the textures of the walls, and also I added a landscape, decals in order to achieve a natural progression between the landscape and the floor, and also some foliage:


    Tomorrow, I will continue explaining and uploading images! Keep on!

  • MiguelMNavas
    Hi again! Here is the second step of my resume:

    - Second, I wanted to give to the emplacement more nuances of ancient religious civilization. For that, I added two colossi which are supporting the dome, trying to represent that the religion, the cult are supported by the human, the believer. As a detail of the dome, I destroyed a part, giving the antiquity that I wanted:

    Tomorrow more!
  • MiguelMNavas
    Hello everybody!

    - Third, I wasn’t happy, because I thought that something was missing, so I open Z-Brush and I sculpt a big head statue with Bekinski and Giger nuances. 

    At the same time I modeled a stone bench and some assets from Megascan:

    See you soon with the final shots!
  • MiguelMNavas
    Well, finally here I show the final pictures:

    I also have a pair of videos but I don't know how can I show them here. So, if you want to see them follow this link to my Artstation: ArtStation - Dark Temple, Miguel Morales Navas .

    I hope you enjoy this way as much as I have done! And well today I will open a new post of my new project! I hope to see you there. And like always, if you have a critic or a comment that you want to share, all of them are welcome!

    See you soon!
  • teodar23
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    teodar23 polycounter
    Your shadows are too dark. In some shots i can see some skylight contribution but in most its missing. Is your lighting baked or dynamic?
    Maybe its just a matter of adjusting the exposure or color correction...
  • MiguelMNavas
    teodar23 said:
    Your shadows are too dark. In some shots i can see some skylight contribution but in most its missing. Is your lighting baked or dynamic?
    Maybe its just a matter of adjusting the exposure or color correction...
    Hey! HI Teodar!

    The illumination that I am using is Lumen (dynamic) with some point lights as support in some places. Are you talking about in all the pictures or in some of them? Because the settings of each camera are different.
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