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[WIP] Bankrupt vintage club - need help with composition

Currently work on this environment, a bankrupt old-style vintage club. Just at the stage of coloring up my Draft props to see if the whole color palette work, I know the mesh and texture has not been done properly yet but I am going to refine at next step.
So I've posted this shot recently on other forum and got the feedback that my scene has too much empty wasted space, its lack of story and that I should remove all the artificial light. 

Then I tried moved the stage floor and tables on the left closer to the front and scaled down the room a bit, and it looked more compact like this (in UE4 unlit mode):

So does the second one look better than the first one now ?

The floor looks quite empty now but I will put trash and dirt all that later on.
Any other feedback is also welcomed :)


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    I think you could take camera shots from more interesting angles. Your first one looks kind of interesting in terms of camera placement but your second shot looks harder to get a good read on the space. maybe if you put the camera into a corner looking towards the middle of the room or something. Also what's the story on this place? Is it just out of business or abandoned? If so how long? Is it post apocalyptic or just normal society and the place happened to close down? What would cause the tables in the booths to be broken like that? Did some people come in and vandalize them? Just things to think about. I also feel like if this place is abandoned and torn up, maybe some rips and folds/bends in the carpet would give it a more gritty look.
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