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help needed for my son's 3d animation video project.

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Jadav polycounter lvl 2

Hope everyone is well.I need 1 help from everyone here in polycount.You see my son is having troubles in finding freelancers who can do his 3d animation video project as their charges are too much high and due to this None of my sons 3d animation video project is completed and due to this his mental condition is getting very very detoriate.My son is suffering from mental autism from his childhood as a mother i can't watch my son like this that is why here in polycount i am requesting help from any freelancer if they can collaborate and do atleast my son's any one 3d animation video project and help my son as his mental conditions is getting very much weak due to cancellations and refusals.I am asking help from freelancers based on human morality ground if they can help my son and work on his video project.Please kindly help me regarding this.

please send your messages here in my sons email [email protected] and i will discuss with you the details regarding my sons 3d video project.
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