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[WIP] Revolver Feedback.

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Hi All,
I've recently started creating a revolver based off E N Conecpt Art.

The highpoly version is finished and would like some possibly feedback on the gun before i start with the lowpoly. I've tried sticking as close to the conecpt art as possible but part of the gun I've had to change due to the gun being in 3D. There are a few parts of the gun i'm not sure on and would like someone else to have a look at it with some possible feed back.

The bullet chamber section where it revolvers over the top, i tried keeping it as one constant part with a rotating sectiong but on sure on the look and thickness of it.
On top of the barrel of the gun is an empty section and not sure wheather to add anything or what to add on top.
Any other feedback is welcomed as well.

thank you for looking.
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