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[WIP] Ghostbusters Firestation - Hook & Ladder

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Here is my Ghostbusters Firestation "Hook & Ladder". I have a to do list but would I love to hear your thoughts, ideas and critiques.

My to do list
  • Place Skyscrapers in the background. 
  • Vertex Paint and decal pass to help break up the bricks
  • Finish assets in blue and the water tower. 
  • Clean up shopfronts. 
  • Variation to windows. 
  • Sort out red front door. 
  • Fence next to the alleyway.
  • Detail pass, water pipes, trash.
  • Balance colours. 
Then onto lighting setups, I'm hoping a night time with some rain comes out well. 


  • littleclaude
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    littleclaude sublime tool
    UE4 Ghostbusters HQ with some lighting set ups. Still got a way to go, pinched the background assets skyscrapers from the UE4 library for now. Any questions, idea or critique please let me know.

    I think I'm going to focus on the night time set up.

  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz greentooth
    would I love to hear your thoughts, ideas and critiques
    I like the top render (dark), i imagine seeing some ghosts loose or the crater hole that gets created in the street (in the show) letting all the ghouls (just adding some glows) and such out of the containment zone lighting up the night, would work also. (probably can be found online, idk the episode) Always such a big idea when i create things, i'd want to liven it up with too much i guess.  Would be cool to see the sign/symbol out front top of the red entrance.
    Maybe ask someone with the vehicle modeled out and such to add it to your scene and drop a mention in there for them, like go check out the Ecto1 at : artist name, same could go for slimer (couple of models out there) maybe even pack him up with a blaster/backpack would make it even 'cute' & cooler scene.

    On a side note, i collected dvds back in the day of sets of shows i really enjoyed, still got the 2006? unopened complete series collection.  Sometimes i even forget i have it.
  • littleclaude
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    littleclaude sublime tool
    Hi David

    Thanks for the feedback, very useful and a great idea, it will give the scene some movement and will make you want to explore the interior. 

    Next job
    • Ghostbusters Sign :) everyone on Facebook is asking for the same. 
    • Move door back and make it black like in the original film.
    • Add the fence on the side alley. 
    • Dirt/Grime/Decals to buildings
    • VFX
    • ECTO1, 
    • Stay Puft, 
    • Zuul the Gatekeeper, 
    • Slimmer

    Some advice please - The interior for the building is based on a fire station in LA (Engine 23) on 5th Street and is a much larger building. (see image below) I'm not sure how to approach this....should I squeeze it all in or do a transition cut on the door?  

    Ghostbusters Film Locations - otsoNYcom

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