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[WIP] Valeera From World of Warcraft - (Overwatch Style)

Hey everyone, I've been taking a little break since Kratos because I was getting a little bit of burn out and I didn't want to make it worse. So I started a new character to keep myself practicing. I'll have more updates for Kratos soon, but for now I wanted to share my progress so far on Valeera.

(EDIT: Current Progress)

Again I'm trying to adapt a character as if I could throw them into the Overwatch universe, just going for that  semi stylized/realistic look. I'm taking a lot of inspiration from a few sources. I'll post my PureRef board at the end of this thread so you can see.

These are some pretty early stage blockouts so I just want feedback on whether or not proportions and silhouette is working. Don't woirry about details at the moment unless you have feedback about the appeal of her face which is really what I've spent most of my time on right now. I also gave myself some notes about these areas.

This is was my first Revision and the results are seen now below

There's still a lot that needs work, and I am by no mean committed to anything. a lot of these shapes were made real quick just to get a sense for where things are going to go. Something I struggle with and why I chose to do this piece, is when anatomy blends into clothing. If you look at my Kratos project, the anatomy is pretty forgiving since he's pretty much just half naked. I think my weakness is when you look at his legs and feet where the anatomical structure gets lost in the clothing. So for this character she has parts that are skin but also tight clothing as well as bulky parts. I think the weak areas right now are here Upper arms and upper legs. I'm curious what anyone thinks!

And here's my PureRef Board like I said. Looking forward to responses!


  • Astrocoolbug

    I've been making lots of iterations just sort of everywhere. I'm really trying to make sure the silhouette reads well. I also spent more time studying proper anatomy for the legs so I hope that's coming across. I may have fudged it too much in some areas so let me know if it feels off.

    I used some new brushes this time around too. The clothing folds were way easier to pull off with the SK brush set. I've also tossed the old shoulder blockout and started a new one.

    Here's also a shot of the head with nothing around it, I haven't really touched it since I started posting this character so any feedback on this would be appreciated.

    I spent most of this morning redesigning the shoes. I tried out a new technique for these by using a lot more of zmodeler. I was always intimidated by zmodeler before, but after messing around for a bit it was pretty easy to get a desired result.

    Anyway, I'm liking where this character is going. I got feedback on my last character that a lot of texture work really starts in the model itself so I'm going to spend some more time in the modeling stage to make sure that I accurately represent certain materials and surfaces at this point in the process first before jumping into substance.

  • Astrocoolbug
    I've been making lots of tweaks and decided to add some color so I can see how the model is starting to look.

    I think in terms of base proportions things are looking good. The head region is a constant thing I'm rearranging. The way the hood and the pony tail connect is done is so many ways in various versions of Valeera and it adds a lot of height to her so I want to make sure it's still reading properly.

    Also I just added that ribbing detailing on the boots and its still pretty lumpy so I'm going to rework that soon.

    Here's a closer look of the face.

    Overall a lot of the detail work on this character comes down to clean edge flow which is something I need to get better at. the way her collar piece looks is the level I want to go for over the whole model. The whole torso piece is a bit of a mess at the moment so I'm going to clean that up quite a bit.

    As for the hair, it's too much like tubes right now so I'll make sure to go through and carve out some more details.

    The shoulders are also probably the most abstract piece on her so that's going to take some time to get right.
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    I've been chipping away at this character slowly, I've had less time recently so progress has been a bit slower but I also want to make sure I stay in the modeling stage a little longer than I did with Kratos. I got feedback there saying that I should try and make sure surfaces feel like their intended material before texturing so that way I'm really just putting icing on the cake. I have started to do that with the chest piece but everything else is kind of basic still. However I have started building up more geometry on the model.

    Hood detail has been added, and I've begun really trying to segment the shoulder pieces. Things like the pony tail has some more work to go.

    Aside from this I've retopologized the head to start some texture testing to see if I'm liking the direction. I applied some basicc color and through it into marmoset to see how lighting is going to look.

    Overall progress is being made and I hope to have the modeling finished soonish.
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