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Hi all,

My name is Frans and I am a Lead Concept Artist located in Sweden.
I'm looking for some more freelance work or short-term work.

I’m very task oriented and driven to reach the goal in a timely manner. I’m used to driving a team forward and to deal with a vast of different problems when it comes to game development.
I’m also the project leader in a UI team at the company where I’m working at.
I like challenges and want to grow as well as helping other to grow with me.
Environment art is my biggest passion but no task is too small for me to do.

I can provide:

·         Mood boards and visual design coherency

·         Concepts, iteration, and help finalizing a design

·         Turnaround for 3d artists

·         Illustrations

·         UI icons

·         Marketing material

·         Expediting and dividing assignments to bite size tasks



Mail: [email protected]

Don't hesitate to send a mail or dm to discuss this further. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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