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Sa Vz. 26 - Czech cold war SMG

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Hey everyone,

Saw this really interesting design of a Czech weapon with some cool shapes on forgotten weapons. It's the father of what would become the UZI. There are 4  variants from Vz 23-26 with some minor differences. The 26 features a slanted grip/magwell and 32 rounds of 7.62x25mm Tokarev rounds. Another cool note is that you could attach an additional magazine to the side of the weapon.

Currently I am nearly finished blocking out the main shapes, I'm not overly familiar with guns so had some trouble figuring out what the firing pin section looks like, as there are no references for it available. Any feedback is appreciated, I think I got most of the proportions close. I need to do some final adjustments to the blockout, and if theres any feedback I'll tweak it too. Then move onto the high poly. 

I did gather as many references as I could, but yeah no luck finding pics of the firing pin section. References:



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