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Cleaner Muscle / Body Results - Sculpting / Guide / Tutorial / Tips / Tricks

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DavidCruz interpolator
I am sharing knowledge i learned and i hope it helps everyone new old, what have you, i came up with this while working on my Wild West Entry, still up on the portfolio. This is really self explanatory by the images alone, should be no need for extra information (i typed it into the images anyway) HOWEVER if you need extra help just ask below and i'll help.

I am sharing and making a thread here to hear feed back on this 2 steps and to fill any holes in possibly future guides i feel like sharing based on my own experiences, for the record i never looked up the Alt. process i mention in img one, idk how to do that other than taking objects and molding them to the human form, apart from that idk how in depth that guide goes.

This process is pretty strong and varying to prevent the recycling of anatomy designs i am seeing, this is a process to mask using a basemesh if you do not fee like recreating the human form for ever and ever.  It works in production and personal pieces, i basically cut production down by like 50% with this method of mine.  Your welcome, 2020, If you get a female and a male both stylized and realistic you are basically a god at this point.

^This is to help all new people, feel free to express yourself below, i welcome it all.
I provided you all with whom do not yet know of this process already and i seek employment, if you see the value i can provide feel free to contact me. (i am not seeking to replace anyone i am seeking a position of employment to add to a team.)  So no need for hostilities.

Contact me to discuss employment here:
https://www.artstation.com/game/profile - Click message me, boom, then you give me your address and will get mine.  If the email looks fishy you get no reply.

^More in depth guide to help you understand, ignore pelvic.  You have to add edits/style/subdivisions to the subtools / before and after dynamesh - I didn't in this example.
Color Tools 1st img - polish last img.
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