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PIXEL8R v1.5 - Retro Pixel Art Filter for Substance ✧New Features✧

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ActionDawg greentooth

PIXEL8R is a filter for Substance Painter and Designer, which takes in any image or texture and produces pixel-perfect pixel art versions. It's really fun to paint with the filter on in Painter, and it's got tons of parameters to play with!
Watch the Showcase Videos and scroll down to see new features in v1.5!

Get it now (project files included)!
See more on Arstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4brm5l

Here's a couple showcase videos:

Example GIFs:

Features include:
• Non-square texture support
Create pixel art with any dimensions, including Atari-style stretched pixels
• Endless Dithering options with built-in Noise and Pattern styles
• Use full color, crushed colors, or Lookup Tables (LUTs)
 Create custom Dither Textures and LUTs

There are User Guide and Export Guide videos available through the AS post, which are also included along with the filter and project files on Gumroad!


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