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Hello we are Treefort Studios. We are a professional  VR | 3D content creation Team. We have developed 3D assets for Fortune 500 companies and created VR environments and training simulations for many satisfied clients across multiple industries. We've  launched titles on multiple platform and we know how to make quality VR experiences and 3D Art. We partner with clients and work quickly and affordably to get the job done. 


1 VR Development - Programming interactions and events. UE4
2 3D Modeling | Sculpting - Low - High Poly | Soft body and Hard surface | Re-topology | Stylized and  Realistic
2 PBR Material and texturing creation
3 UV Unwrapping | Map Baking
4 Real time asset integration 
5 Level and concept design
5 UI | UX - Graphics and functionality
6 realtime Lighting | environments | Post processing
7 Rigging | Animation

Our goal is to deliver top quality assets and experiences. Everything From quick single model proto-types to full- fledged applications we have experience delivering some of the best content to our clients.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at your convenience

Email: [email protected] 

Web: www.treefort.me

Contact: [email protected],me
Website: www,treefort.me
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