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[Wip] Steampunk bedroom/desk

Hello everyone! ^^

Welcome to this thread where I'll post my progress on my next personal project: doing a Steampunk bedroom/desk using the different software I learned to use this year at my school (Maya, Substance etc..)

My moodboard

I had a hard time finding references but here is my goal: creating a messy bedroom filled with simple cartoony asets with a cartoony pbr texture.


Here is my Blockout I tried to make it as simple as possible and to reuse as much as possible existing assets. I'm not really sure about keeping this big pipe all around the room, maybe I'll had some in 1 or 2 corners of the room and that's it.

For the moment that's it, I'll post my substance painter's material and substance designer's texture later and when my assets will be finished I'll post them too.

Oh and as I'm I'm new here if you have any tips or if I need to correct something on my post don't hesitate to tell me, thanks! ^^

Thanks you for reading, see you soon ^^.
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