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[[CLOSED]] Looking for "oldskool" Texture Artist for scifi project

I am looking for a texture artist to create a set of textures to be used in my scifi FPS project.

I am not doing PBR, only need diffuse and normal maps, and maybe (if the surface requires it) specular and emissive maps.

The textures will be used to build relatively old skool looking levels (think early 2000's in style), so they need to be seamless on at least 1 axis. The style I'm looking for is semi realistic. Not comic-looking, but doesn't need to look hyper realistic either.

I need maybe a few dozen wall, floor and ceiling textures that can be used to build hallways and rooms in a scifi style. The texture should come in a few (minor) variations to avoid repetitive looks.

Just DM me when you are interested.
This is a paid job.

PLEASE NOTE: I have found someone, there is no need to contact me about this anymore
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