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Megascans Experiments [UE4]

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frmdbl polycounter
Hi everyone, I'm starting this thread to hopefully make a few quick environments using megascans.

Here's the first one I made, it's very roughly based on a roman temple, the materials are all megascans as are the majority of the models.


  • Necrodark
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    Necrodark polygon
    Damn dude looks amazing! Quixel is too powerfull 😭. How are you handling the lighting by the way? it looks really crisp and natural, also the light shafts look great, i cant figure out how to get them like that for my scene.
  • Justo
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    Justo interpolator
    Just had a look at your other environments.

    YYYYYYYYYYYYou're good dude. Erry good.
  • snake85027
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    snake85027 polycounter lvl 14
    looks great, have a odd question. Your megascan materials are tiled materials right? For your models did you have to create the high and low polygon version and bake normals or did you just create the model, unwrap it and apply these megascan materials?
  • frmdbl
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    frmdbl polycounter
    Thanks, I don't think I do anything very particular with the lighting, it's just a normal directional light/skylight setup.
    I added 1 or 2 point lights to light up some things that were in shadow.
    Other than that I used a slight LUT for post processing and a sharpening post process.

    Thanks man, glad you like them

    I used both tiling materials and full unique 3d scans. Actually it was mostly the latter.

    I modelled a few additional stone blocks and applied a tiling material, but I didn't bake anything.

  • VValkyr
    Hey, I know I am veeeery late to jump the ship, but did you make the foliage (trees) by yourself? If yes, do you maybe have any tips for someone whos struggling with it quite a bit?

  • Jack M.
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    Jack M. interpolator
    Nice work so far. I think the lighting and the trees especially are really nice. Though, your composition is hurting a bit because of how noisy the bottom of the main shot is with all of the rocks. I'd consider adding a path perhaps or just cleaning up the rocks to be much smoother. Consider how people would get to the stairs of this temple. 

    Also I think your rocks on the right side are overlapping a bit too much with the temple. It's making it feel very claustrophobic. The left side looks great in my opinion.

    Last thing you might consider is cooling off the foreground some more. It's in the magenta range where I think it looks a bit better with some more blue.
  • mhofever
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    mhofever polycounter lvl 7
    This looking really nice.

    There's just one tiny detail that's bothering me , I actually didn't know this until a colleague told me about it and now when I look at Roman Architecture done in 3D it's one of the first few things I try to spot.

    If you google Roman Pillar Entablature, you'll see that the pillars are actually offset. You'll see this in most or all Classical architecture utilising pillars.

    It should be an easy fix and it's such a minute detail but helps it make it more authentic.

    Also agree on having a path, there's a lot of noise and somewhere in the rocks there needs to be some space  you can rest your eye on.
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