[Finished] Northern Pikeman

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FEB 2020 EDIT: This project is now complete. A full gallery and breakdown of my work can be found on my Artstation.

Below is the original first post:
Hello! I am working on a new character for my portfolio, a medieval-inspired warrior from an unfriendly taiga climate. I wanted to start posting my work here in order to get feedback before I get too far along in the sculpting process. Here are some shots of my current basemesh (without pike):

I started posting this character in my sketchbook thread, which I'll continue updating with minor fixes while I use this thread to show off my progress. Please let me know what you think!


  • wHromek
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    wHromek node
    Here is a small update with a breakdown of the different materials/textures my character will need:

    In order to give him a little more variety I've drawn some influence from WW1/American Western sources in addition to my original Mongol/Rus concept. This is my first time making a character with plate armor/chainmail, so figuring out what to model in zBrush and what I can get away with using Substance textures will be a challenge. 
  • wHromek
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    wHromek node
    I ended up redoing a lot of the model due to issues with the topology and to match it better with other assets I'm making. The revised model can be seen here:

  • wHromek
    Here is a small update for January:

    I've retopologized and unwrapped the helmet in order to practice before I tackle the larger parts of my model. Using some temprary textures, I can get a good idea of what the final product should look like. I am having some trouble baking the highpoly curvature map to the lowpoly model, and some of the finer details like the eyeholes and studs have too much geometry. For the overall character, I'm aiming for a polycount of around ~25k tris so I'll have to find a way to preserve detail while reducing the extraneous topology. 
  • wHromek
    Here is another update for February:

    I have fully retopologized, unwrapped, and textured my character model while keeping under my polycount goal of 25k triangles. I have split the textures between four 2k materials (Helmet, Chest, Gloves, and Pants) in order to keep my character modular. All that remains now is finishing up the weapon (1k-5k tris) and additional waist props (1k tris). Once these are finished I will pose the character and create some final renders for my portfolio.

    I am still looking for critique on this model, feedback would be appreciated!
  • Crazy_pixel
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    Crazy_pixel polycounter lvl 7
    I love the shapes, that will be a really nice piece for a portfolio :)

    My advise would be working on the materials. the colors are very even and I'm missing the contrast ( for example between leather straps and gloves and the rest of the fabric).
    Furthermore the roughness values are off for the metallic parts. It feels more like plastic than like metal plates.

    Keep it up and I'm looking forward to see the modularity and the weapon and props!

  • wHromek
    Thank you for your feedback! Here's a small update:

    I reworked some of the color on my model to give it a more winter-y color scheme and adjusted the roughness/metallic values of certain parts to help them contrast with one another.

    I'm going to continue pushing the materials to a more finalized level while I finish unwrapping and baking the textures for this character's weapon. I've still managed to keep the total triangle count under 25k, which is good.
  • constantinuslupus90
    Looking nice! just an idea, perhaps try adding some snow or some kind of icy crust on the armor and clothing? :)
  • wHromek
    Thanks! I'll try adding some frost, that'd be a cool detail to include.
    In the meantime, here's an update on the weapon prop for this character:

    I had to sacrifice a little detail in order to keep the whole model under 25k, but I think I've made up for it with texturing. I may have to tweak the roughness/metallic a little more, but otherwise I've tried to keep the material textures consistent with the character textures. I'd be happy to get feedback on this model as well before I move on to creating the other weapons.
  • wHromek
    Another update:

    I am reaching the final stretch of this project. Right now I am just adjusting the textures bit by bit in order to make sure they render correctly in Marmoset. I need to tweak the ambient occlusion and basecolor of the weapon's textures in order to make the model details "pop" better, but the character's texture is largely finalized. My next update (barring feedback corrections) will be my final for this project.
  • wHromek
    I am proud to say that this project is now finished! Here is the final render:

    More renders and a texture/polycount breakdown of this character can be found on my artstation.

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