WIP - Medieval older wealthy lady

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Nuclear Angel interpolator

So it have been a while since I posted anything. I have been spending some time freelancing but mostly I have been away from my computer. Renovating my apartment and other real life stuff. The time has thus now come to get back on the grind. 

Since two days ago I started a new Project. 

The goals are as follows:
To design my own character from scratch
Make a realistic character that could fit in a AAA title like the Witcher 3
Get better at Marvelous Designer
Learn Blender, so I am not allowed to use Maya for anything.
And by the end of it have a new portfolio piece. 

I am aiming for PBR around 100K triangles but that is far off from now. 

I would love feedback on pretty much anything. I am not 100% certain of the direction I want to take the project in, so this will probably be some trial and error involved. 

So here comes the first mockup of the character in 3D. I started with a dynamesh sculpt of the face which I then Zwrapped my Basemesh too. I then spent some time in Marvelous designer polishing it up. 

The Marvelous Pattern so far

I am planning on next to do a paintover and concept up a more thorough direction. Thanks for reading. 


  • Nuclear Angel
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    Nuclear Angel interpolator
    So I am back on this finally again. 

    It have been a long time since I touched her, but now after the new year started I started to sketch out some designs and started thinking about her direction, as I got some great initial feedback just on the basic design. 

    From this I did some more sketching and I ended up with this initial design:

    I liked the direction I had even though the sketch is rough. But I took her in to marvelous and went to work .

    From here I took it in to Zbrush and I started blocking out some of the elements checking how the design felt. Overall I am quite pleased and I have started to polish up the face. 

    The plan now is to do a pass on her jewelry on the hat as well as finishing the hat. This is to benchmark the final level of detail for the character. 

    Next update coming soon, I promise this to myself! 
  • Alex Javor
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    Alex Javor polycount lvl 666
    cool project.

    probably too late, but i feel her posture and general shape doesn't scream "old lady" to me. Kind of like how in the elder scrolls game all the characters share the same rig, this body seems like it could fit onto a younger women too.

    Not saying its bad at all, just that for all the attention to detail shown so far, I kind of expected like a short, crooked, hunchbacked old crone.

  • Nuclear Angel
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    Nuclear Angel interpolator
    @Alex Javor  Thanks for pointing this out, and you are right I have gone a bit to far to add that kind of posture as there are a lot of pieces by now. But also I think the title of the post was a bit misleading with the title of Old Lady, so i updated it with something that might give of what I want to do better. I am thinking an old aristocrat which will feel prideful and almost arrogant. I might give her a bit more volume though under the arms and such to give her more age. Overall thanks for pointing it out, and I will see if I can add age to the body in some good ways while till keeping the posture as I want her to be the kind of character that cares about her own posture. 

    So Todays update, 

    I have made the head  pieces for now, I am not 100% sure on all the details such as the trims and some of the folds. But I can always go back to them later. I am also fairly pleased with where I am at in terms of detail level on the face with the primary and secondary shapes. I might go over them one more time but I am ready to start doing the tertiary details. 

    Head piece and Jewelry


  • Nuclear Angel
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    Nuclear Angel interpolator

    So I had my sister over from out of town for some days as well as I have been sick for almost an entire week. l did find some time though here and there for a little bit of work on the face, what i got left is a bit of detailing to do as well as a little bit of cleanup. The hair got a small update so I have a better idea for the final direction, but it will in the end be done by haircards. .

    So this is where she is at now: 

    From here I will finally get to jump on the dress. I will probably go back to the face for a final revision after the first pass on the cloth is done. 

  • Tits
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    Tits mod
    such lovely work on that face!
    Looking forward to see more progress, Sorry to hear about the sickness, hope you feel better!
  • Nuclear Angel
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    Nuclear Angel interpolator
    @Tits Wow thank you for the lovely comment! To hear that from you means a ton. 
    I am getting better by the day, next week will be great if all goes as of now ^^ 
  • Nuclear Angel
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    Nuclear Angel interpolator
    So the last week have been all about working on the dress. I have got the secondary details in, I am just unsure on the details I want to ad to the dress front. I am not certain whether I want an embroided pattern, or something more attached to the fabric. If I want buttons for the front and that kind of detail. 

    Here is a closeup of the neck area. 

    So what comes next is to figure out the details I want on the front of the dress. Then I got the bottom part of the dress, hands, belt and cape left to do. As well as one more polish pass on the dress upper part to finish it of once I am happy with the design. 
  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz polycounter lvl 7
    Looks great, nothing to say from me other than i am glad you touched up the upper half with wrinkle work it was looking really weird without if for me.
    idk your time frames but look into nutrition I've done this recently and learned a lot, everything having to do with the body stems from eating, whether people want to believe that or not is another issue, what else do you put INTO your body? what you put in you get out.  Hope it helps, p.s. its not veganism.

    With that said looking forward to more.
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