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Nuclear Angel interpolator
So it have been a while since I posted anything. I have been spending some time freelancing but mostly I have been away from my computer. Renovating my apartment and other real life stuff. The time has thus now come to get back on the grind. 

Since two days ago I started a new Project. 

The goals are as follows:
To design my own character from scratch
Make a realistic character that could fit in a AAA title like the Witcher 3
Get better at Marvelous Designer
Learn Blender, so I am not allowed to use Maya for anything.
And by the end of it have a new portfolio piece. 

I am aiming for PBR around 100K triangles but that is far off from now. 

I would love feedback on pretty much anything. I am not 100% certain of the direction I want to take the project in, so this will probably be some trial and error involved. 

So here comes the first mockup of the character in 3D. I started with a dynamesh sculpt of the face which I then Zwrapped my Basemesh too. I then spent some time in Marvelous designer polishing it up. 

The Marvelous Pattern so far

I am planning on next to do a paintover and concept up a more thorough direction. Thanks for reading. 
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