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Alice Madness Returns (Overwatch style)

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Lythrae triangle
Hey everyone :smiley:

So I decided to make some fan art of Alice in Overwatch's style as I love both games!

I've been working on it for a few weeks, I'm still stuck in the high poly model

I did a quick paintover on how I'm planning to break the symmetry with her hair, and also painted in the tights!
Things to do:

- Work on the arms (it looks like she has 2 elbows, but it's just a topology issue, so I need to fix that!)
- Break the symmetry with the hair
- Add wrinkles, stitches and detail to the clothes

For the clothes I'm using this model of Heroes of the Storm as reference ( I love the sleeves! )

I really appreciate if you have the time to give me feedback <3:D


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