[WIP] Alice Madness Returns (Overwatch style)

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Lythrae triangle
Hey everyone :smiley:

So I decided to make some fan art of Alice in Overwatch's style as I love both games!

I've been working on it for a few weeks, I'm still stuck in the high poly model

I did a quick paintover on how I'm planning to break the symmetry with her hair, and also painted in the tights!
Things to do:

- Work on the arms (it looks like she has 2 elbows, but it's just a topology issue, so I need to fix that!)
- Break the symmetry with the hair
- Add wrinkles, stitches and detail to the clothes

For the clothes I'm using this model of Heroes of the Storm as reference ( I love the sleeves! )

I really appreciate if you have the time to give me feedback <3 :D


  • HarlequinWerewolf
    Cool idea and you're off to a great start! I think if you slimmed down her arms and legs and maybe made her legs a little longer she would feel more like the Alice from the game, but maintain Overwatch's style. Characters like Moira as quite thin so you could use her as a reference. I like the sleeves you're going for, I think you could push them further. Make them bigger and then tone if down if you need to. I think you could do this general, push the shapes of the boots - the buckles in particular - and the bow, you could make it bigger with more flowing ribbons. Just my point of view, I look forward to seeing how this goes :D
  • tystnad
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    tystnad polycounter lvl 4
    Maybe it will not be a very original comment, but cool idea indeed! :)
  • Aydhe
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    Aydhe polygon
    Looks like great start, will keep an eye out! :)
  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz polycounter lvl 7
    Hi, I tried to help give you a direction and vision, basically if i had to do it myself i would attempt something like this:

    All credit for 98% of the design obviously goes to the concept artist i just manipulated it to get my idea for you out fast so i don't lose it:https://www.artstation.com/artwork/mX8av

    This is what i came up with, the back bowtie parts of her dress are "choking/holding", the rabbit and cat and whatever she does they do so if she jumps they jump and idk how technical overwatch animations get so they can just look cute and mimic her as a distraction to other players i guess.  I envision her throwing them sometimes or holding them up, they can be mechanical since the majority of the overwatch designs have some sort of hard-surface going on.

    I was bored so hopefully this helps give you some sort of vision, if you do not have a concept to go on or have references i would get a lot and take your time with something like this 3-6 weeks up to you of-course and you can completely ignore this if you so chose.

    Added red parts cause there isn't any blood afaik in overwatch.

    Credit again concept artist:
    This took me a bit over an hour to do so it wasn't fast, not very stylized to overwatch that is where you come in.

    Came back to dump a load of references that should help with everything except the weapon maybe:

    No other way to link references and making a collage takes time this was faster.  good luck i like what you have so far also, maybe look into Marvelous designer and big sharp wrinkle attempts might help you out or if you think sculpting it will be quicker use your best judgement.

  • Lythrae
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    Lythrae triangle
    WOW GUYS!!! Thank you all so much for the comments and the feedback! :D

    @DavidCruz thank you so much for all the cool ideas and references!

    Sorry for taking so long to reply ! I feel a bit burn out with the project but here's an update!:

    I also retopo her hair!

    thank you soooooo much for all the help guys!

  • slosh
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    slosh ngon master
    I think this is looking promising.  One major issue is your proportions are no where near Overwatch.  If one of your goals is to match their style, you should really adjust the proportions to match much closer.  Much longer legs, bigger feet/hands, etc.  I would recommend getting your hands on one of their models or finding the Tpose renders to really compare your proportions to theirs.  This will probably also show you how they sculpt different materials as well.  Right now I think you have a pretty model that really has no resemblance to Overwatch.  Keep going!
  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz polycounter lvl 7
    Agree, bout the burn out, this is why i mention to take your time with it. :) ^ But oh boy i really like your updates, I could supply the female models if you need or can link you to a location (if its still up.) Really like the hair, you sure picked a challenge but if you manage it what a piece to have (still psyched about the idea as a whole, so cool).
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