[Royalties] Project RPG

Hello, my name is Sean, and I and my friends are putting together a team to create an Open-World RPG. 


 As of right, it's all volunteer work. As we are wanting in the future that it will turn into something that people will want and love. If so all the people who volunteered will see their fair share. Even if this volunteer work it's also a great chance to show your skills and learn from other volunteers who joined the project. It's a chance to increase your resume on what you learned and what you have improved.



 The concept of the game is an RPG. I'm taking inspiration from games like Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, and Destiny and creating something new and refreshing. It will be a Medieval Fantasy that we are creating an original story where the rules don't matter as the story unfolds. There will be objectives to do every week to keep you coming back. I'm going for a rich narrative to have the players really get into the world that we are creating. There will be Dungeons, Raids, PvP, World Events, and Seasonal Events to have players always wanting more. 


What I have

I have concept artist, level designer, website designer to show our work progress once the site is up, programmers, writers, composer, and SFX artist. 

Volunteering Needs


- Programmers

What I am looking for in a Programmer is someone who has the ability to program graphics, gameplay, audio, and everything else.


-3D ModelersCharacter Artists.

Needing extra hands for 3D artists to make things go smoother and faster. I'm going for a more fabled style graphics.

-Level Designers

Looking for someone who can create different types of worlds throughout the map. 


If you are interested you can send me an email with your application including a sample of work at [email protected] with ”RPG” as the Subject. Or you can message me on discord and my GT is D4ddy VeNom#3970. If anyone has any questions you can just message me below or the given email/discord.

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