Character Tech Artist looking for experienced UE4 programmer / tech designer for indie project

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I've been in the industry 6 yrs and I'm looking to do some small indie projects with someone.   As I work full-time for a studio this would be a passion project.. Looking for someone that has experience in production and has shipped titles.. large or small.

I can handle all areas of art - realistic or stylized.  Character pipelines to environment art, Material setup and creation, Texturing, etc.  I have a background in character creators, python scripting, realistic sculpting and texturing, etc.

What I need.  Someone who knows unreal very well and can help get prototypes working, Piece together marketplace assets in 1 project and get them to work together, best practices for profiling and keeping game running at frame rate.  Project management and level creation best practices would be a plus.

Main area's of interests are:
3D VR projects
Stylized art
FPS / third person
Loot grinds
Rogue like
RPG leveling systems (number stat boosts so we don't have to create as many assets)

Mainly looking to utilized the unreal marketplace as much as possible to prototype ideas out quickly and build games from assets available on the marketplace.  Only adding our unique design elements where needed.

Check out some of my personal work here:

Looking for a long term partner ship - so please only message me if you have experience.
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