Character Art Study Progress Thread

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calvinevan12 triangle
Edit: at first this was an anatomy study thread, but I decide to make this my character art study progress thread. I'm doing a bunch of study starting this week (10/9) and I want to see how much improvement I can get through it. I'll post most of my study here. 

I'm trying to improve my anatomy knowledge and general sculpting skills.  This is my first study, I didn't count the amount of hours it took but it was done within 4 days. I'm not that fast, I know. I didn't put much details on the hair, only on the bangs, since that part is tedious and I don't think it will benefit me much on my anatomy study. 
I also made a little gif showing the different stages of the sculpt. At the first hours it looks really bad, but as I keep going she started to look nice and pretty. Feel free to let me know what you think of my sculpt, and feel free to criticize, it would help me a lot on improving.

Hope you have a great day!


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