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Re-imagining Alice in Wonderland in 3D - C&Cs please!

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andreasav keyframe
For my term project at Think Tank, I re-created Heather Theurer's piece in 3D in 5 weeks.

Phases of work

  • 1.25 weeks on model blockout
  • 1 week on sculpting
  • 1.75 weeks on texturing
  • .5 weeks on lighting
  • .5 weeks on post-processing

This isn’t a perfect estimate, as I found myself fixing lights throughout the entire 5 weeks after each render, or going back to fix the sculpt after applying textures.

The software tools I used

  • Maya for modeling
  • Mudbox for sculpting
  • Substance Painter for tileable textures e.g. balcony marble, tunnel soil, chair leather
  • Photoshop for hand-painted textures e.g. playing cards, notes such as “Please eat me” and “Drink me”, hair cards for the flamingo feathers.
  • Mari for projecting and hand-painting textures such as displacement and diffuse maps for the face, arms and hands of Alice and the Hatter.
  • XGen Interactive Groom for all hair and fur
  • Maya V-Ray for lighting and rendering
  • Photoshop for post-processing

Links to my Rookies and ArtStation profiles. If you have time, I'd appreciate any C&Cs you may have. Cheers!


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