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Hello Polygon,

Ive started on a new project yesterday of the protagonist of Silent HIll 2, James Sunderland. Im wanting to do a  bust of him and render it in Marmoset. My hope is to make it look photo real. Instead of working in a vat ide love to get some feedback and hopefully some of you can catch the flaws i might not see.

Below is a reference board of the character.

Here is my sculpt so far. The render in the top left is in marmoset re using some textures from my last project and the eyes specifically are from somewhere online. 


  • Joseph_Bramlett
    So heres an update on James. I went back over his face a bit and added in some fat so he wouldn't look so old although I think I might have made him to healthy looking considering the tone of the game and all. I wanted to take a step back from the head for a bit and work on his jacket seeing as that to me was the next most demanding aspect of the project. Below is Some reference of his in game jacket as well as some real world counter parts. Interestingly enough, Konami actually made official James Jackets back when the game launched and they are pretty accurate to what he wears in game so I decided to go for them as my main reference points while using a bit nicer jackets as reference for material and all. Notice how his in game model has filled lower pockets but the Konami one doesnt. 

    Let me know what you think and if you have any solutions for low poly open zippers that would be helpful!
  • Joseph_Bramlett

    So I decided to go back to the head and clean up the skin textures a bit from the generics I had on it before. These are all hand painted save for the displacement map from TexturingXYZ. Im happy with this for a first draft but i definitely need to clean some things up. I really need to fix the eyes in his head properly and get some hiar on him soon. 

    Please give any feedback you might have!
  • Joseph_Bramlett

    Hey Polycount, I wanted to update my post with my current progress. Ive blocked in the hair finally and done the basic texturing for his jacket and shirt. They both need more attention and now that I have the hair mostly in place I feel I can finally give it to them. Let me know what you think and if you see any problems with where I am Currently at. 
  • Joseph_Bramlett

    Hey Polycount. I wanted to update my thread here on James with my latest progress. He is nearing completion I think, He finally has an entire body and a decent set of base textures. What my plan now is to go through all of them a second time and adjust them to make them more finalized as well as condensing down my number of materials. After that Ill do a very basic HumanIK rig for rendering him out in a few poses. I have a few accessories I want to make for him to  that ill use for the final renders. Once again I would appreciate any feedback you have for me. 

  • Joseph_Bramlett
    Hey Polycount, SO after this long journey with James its time its come to a close. Ive finished up my final renders of him and all that and I think hes made great improvements over the course of this project. Heres one last render for the road and if you want to see more renders and some break down images check out his post on artstation. https://artstn.co/p/Z5zn8m

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