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Three D Guns 2 - Challenge (Hum3D)

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Hello Guys!
I want to share with you here my progress on the Hum3D Challenge.
So next you can read the brief i have wrote so far for my weapon and the first blockout i made (im not good at drawing so i dont have a concept, i have the idea in my mind, i have made a design inspired from many references i have collected)

High-Tech Symbiosis

“... Many years have passed... our bonds still remain across the Universe...

Our allies are very high-tech species and together we have researched and developed the ultimate weapon to defend our worlds...

The organs of our soldiers fallen in battle in combination with treated bones and high-tech metals provide the power, the connection, the life, the immortality we have been searching for so long...

We have finally found the perfect combination to make the symbiosis work…

...This weapon is alive... we need to keep it inside tanks with special liquid until the symbiosis is completed and it’s ready to be used…

One thing is for sure, this being is part of us... once we hold it in our hands, it will feel our energy, our chemistry... the connection will be instantly established and it will be able to process our thought to behave as we need... to charge, to aim, to shoot...”

I hope you enjoy seeing my progress and as usual, let me know your thoughts :) 

You can see my full entry on the challenge here: https://hum3d.com/challenges/high-tech-symbiosis/
Thank you :)


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