I want a 2D Animator to create a looping 5-10 Sec Video [Filled]

The purpose of this looping animation is to showcase my products and the desired effect they have on people.

Most of my products are gifts for women. And the product I want to highlight with this project is a keychain. 

I envision the following:

A boyfriend and girlfriend holding hands facing each other standing still.
The boyfriend reveals the keychain and presents it
The girlfriend, curious at first, looks closely at the date he engraved on it.
Overly excited, she kisses then hugs him furiously! Make him turn red a bit.
The scene smoothly returns to them holding hands and staring into each other's eyes and the video clip repeats.

It's is important that at least 1.5 seconds is spent display the animated version of the keychain. I will of course provide an image, and the keychain itself is simple in appearance. 

The clip itself only have to be over 3 seconds, and ideally less than 10. It will be viewed predominately on instagram and facebook so plan accordingly. 

For the video cover, for facebook & instagram video resolution format, I just want the boyfriend being hugged to death with the keychain in a bubble above. This cover exists only in the first 0.00000000001 seconds of the clip. Just enough to serve its purpose. Provide this cover as a separate png too.

The animation should have a subtle watermark of my Instagram profile that does not get in the away of the main focus of the clip. In the lower right corner, should be a copyright for my business. 

Upon acceptance we will agree that you can use this creation in your portfolio however you like on any platform. However you must give me credit for the concept.

I have a dropbox you can use to upload all files used in the creation of this clip. This will let me edit tiny things myself. For example, I may want to add a "Shop" button later.

Please DM me directly with links to your past work, along with your expected turn around time.


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