[CLOSED] 3D Modeler Needed

Looking for a 3D artist to render 3 models for me to use for 3D printing.

All three are different animal/creature masks to use for costume making. All three will need to be able to fit around a human head, be hollow with no back, holes for the eyes with lines for separating the jaw, etc.

The first model will be very very simple, a “chibi” type of head structure.
The second model will be a “toony” canine head.
The third model is a semi-realistic dragon head.

More details and references will be provided to the artist I choose.

Please message me with a link to your portfolio and approximate pricing for these. Please state in your message an approximate turn around time, as I will need these preferably within a week of contracting someone due to an upcoming deadline.

- Grivik

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