[CLOSED] Game Concept Art / Art Direction (Environments & Characters)


Hey everyone - thanks very much for the interest in the project... however, we have already found someone for this role!  We may hang on to some of your names / portfolios for future jobs, though - you all are super talented!

--- Quick Summary ---

Goal: Define an art style for a real-time 3D game
 Description of 2 scenes and 2 characters from the game

15-30 concepts in total with varying art styles
Quality: A mixture of rough, pencil, ink, flat, color
Workload: Estimate 2-3 weeks full-time; 4-6 weeks part-time (either is fine)
Payment: €1250 (or most competitive offer)

--- Description ---

NineZyme is hiring an individual Concept Artist / Art Director to help define the visual style for a brand new game project. It will take place in a real-world time period setting (the roaring 20's in Europe), with richly detailed environments and approximately a dozen characters with a wide range of personalities and backgrounds.

The final game will be rendered in real-time 3D graphics.  The artist hired for this role will not be required to have 3D production skills - however, they should be somewhat familiar with how 2D concepts are developed into 3D geometry, so that their designs can have the appropriate considerations & constraints which come along with a fully 3D environment.

The goal for this specific job is not to concept the entire game - but rather to define a visual style for the product which will be appealing to our target demographic.  Therefore, you will be provided with a rough description of multiple environments and characters - and your task will be to come up with several different visualization styles.  For instance - realistic vs abstract - modern vs classic - cartoon vs photographic - proportionate vs exaggerated - high detail/poly vs low detail/poly, etc.  The appropriate candidate should be well rounded and capable of a wide breadth of artistic techniques.

Your concepts will then be researched with our demographic in order to choose one to follow for the production of the game.  If the relationship with the artist goes well, there may be additional work after this stage is complete - if that is something (s)he would also be interested in pursuing.  As the artist, if you have additional skills such as 3D modeling, rigging, animation, etc... it would be worth mentioning these abilities in the case that there might be more work available for you in future stages of the project.

Please provide a portfolio of your previous work.  If any pieces in the portfolio were not 100% done by you, please give a detailed description of which aspects you were involved in.  An assortment of completeness in your selection would also be useful (rough, pencil, ink, flat, color) along with an estimated number of hours involved for each stage - this can help to set more realistic expectations for the output of the individual.

Only individual contributors will be considered for this role - no development 'chop shops'.
Must have a minimum of business-level English communication skills (written and spoken)!

All produced work will become property of NineZyme and cannot be used in other projects without express written consent - it may, however, be shown as part of your portfolio, regardless of the project time frame or status.
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