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SteamLabs is currently ramping up a team for new AAA production. Testing & Evaluation begins soon. Work to begin in 1-2 months and could last until Sept 2018 (you are not obligated to work the full term and can select days or % time per week. It's up to you)


We require experienced Maya animators MoBu experience preferred.
This production will require several animators and we are interested in animator highly experienced in Mocap cleanup.
We will also consider very talented Maya animators without MoBu experience but willing to learn under our teams guidance.

It is mandatory that ALL positions will require an initial test to be provided for evaluation and determination of your skills so we can position you as junior, mid or senior levels. Currently seniors will get priority consideration.

How to Apply:
1) Private Message with your demo reel link
2) If we like your work you will be contact to schedule a brief SKYPE chat so we can learn more about you (Partial English necessary)
3) Those selected will be required to produce an initial mocap cleanup test for final evaluation of your skills and determine your pay rate.
4) We will be scaling over several months, so if you don't make the cut you will be encouraged to try again 1-2 months later.

Good Luck to All who Apply!
Team Steam
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