2019 Blizzard Student Art Contest - "Midsummer Flower Festival"

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alex_iveroth polygon
"In some parts of Azeroth, midsummer is celebrated with a focus on the life and flora the warm season brings. This is their festival!"
My entry for the 2019 Blizzard Student Art Contest. Assets were made in Maya, textured in 3DCoat and Photoshop, then compiled in Unity. Big thanks to the Handpainter's Guild for weeks of critique!

My hero piece when through several iterations, going from a house with two levels, to a pavillion for the summer day. This ended up changing my overall theme aswell.
This project gave me a chance to really learn the nitty gritty on how world assets are made. I found out that I love making trees. Big thanks to Tai Walker for being my teacher! :)
Since this was supposed to represent a part of the WoW Midsummer Fire Festival, I chose to stamp the symbol everywhere, to really sell the story.
Early Concept
Early block-in using personal and unity assets.

Thanks for reading and again thanks to the Handpainter's Guild for all their help!


  • MBauer17
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    MBauer17 polycounter lvl 2
    I think you're on the right path. I enjoy your composition, I just think the woods in particular seem a bit desaturated and you can push the details a little bit more. For example the previous winner's submissions:

    (Servando Lupini)

    (Kate McKee)

    I love the detail you spent on your ground textures but it's such a shame that it's not as visible as the other assets. If you can put  that much detail into the pagoda I think you can really surprise yourself. 
  • MBauer17
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    MBauer17 polycounter lvl 2
    Oh! I forgot to mention, if it's not too late, maybe add some extra alpha cards on the pagoda's roof so that it looks like the grass is spilling over the wood beam, similar to Clayton Chod's art test 
  • alex_iveroth
    Super late reply, but I definitely see your points! A bit late for me to make those changes now, but I'll keep it in mind for similar projects! :)
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