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I recently created a LUT for use within Substance Painter to utilize the ACEScg color space and RRT/ODT. My original goal was to bring the simple Linear to sRGB viewport closer to what can be seen within Unreal Engine 4, but I also included a LUT for the standard conversion without my adjustments for those in VFX or wherever with a more standard integration of ACES. Unreal has numerous adjustments on top of ACES that I didn't really add to my LUT. It should be pretty close in most situations, aside from the couple of rendering differences between the viewports.

Iray render with a default Painter smart material. I tweaked some material to bring the rust more in line with the proper color and removed the gray metalness values. 

Simple color chart comparison, in which I used to plot inside Resolve for a quick look at the actual values. The original color chart was a free jpeg, so most of the grain in the waveform can be attributed to that.

You can see more images and get the Gumroad link(free) here:

I hope it's useful, and let me know if there are any issues! ACES is fairly dark by default, so proper exposure and material ranges are even more important with it.


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