RF Online: Accretia Mechanized Armor (Hora Piece Set) 3D Model "Gundam"

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Back in 2004, an MMORPG called RF Online was released; looking back on it today I decided to recreate/re-imagine one of the factions featured within the game the "Accretia Faction".

The Accretia where Planet conquering robotic lifeform that began the war between the 2 factions in the game; they resemble Gundams Mobile Suits but are human-sized lifeforms. I always wanted to make a Gundam to adventure in the world of Mechs; while looking through the Game Artwork library I came upon a concept for the "Hora Piece Set" a Level 47 gear set which never saw representation within the game. Being just a concept I thought it was an excellent choice to start the process of making a "Gundam".

I began by collecting all the Concept Art I could find, revolving along my main concept of the Accretia Faction. This should get me roughly 70% there. Since I been meaning to the concept more and show a bit more creativity in my projects I will add accessories will can be present in High Level Gear. 

To start things off I will begin creating a Ref Board of the Head Piece, progress will be slow as I adjust away from my current project.
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