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Reim Entertainment is seeking talented individuals to join our team!

Who We Are

We are Reim Entertainment, a small team of individuals working on our first game title. Our team is full of passionate people who are putting in their "blood, sweat and tears" into the project. Currently our team is made of 7 members who are dedicated to developing our project every chance they get. All our members have part time or full-time jobs on top of their work on the project.


Genre/Platform: ARPG for iOS and Android

Game Engine: Unity 2018.1.4f1

About the game

Our first game title, code named "Project Blue" is an original IP that has an in-depth story set in our modern-day world with technology, relationships, hardship and a little fantasy mixed in. Project Blue is a single player RPG with an extensive story mode, end game content, events and cosmetic items. The story will be told through in-game cinematics versus traditional text-based story telling in this genre. We will be continually updating the game and have a long product life cycle planned. There will be large amount of content added to the game in the form of expansions along with bug fixes and balancing.


Open positions

What do we expect?

  • Have a portfolio or anything that showcases your work.
  • Commit to 6 to 10 hours each week on the project.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity, collaboration and iterating on your work.
  • Use our software to stay organized with tasks and following up with regular check-ins.

What can we offer you?

  • Experience developing a game.
  • Revenue sharing model with equity buy-in with the company.
  • Creative say in the development on various aspects of the game.

We would love to have you be a part of the team!

You can apply through Unity Connect below or send an email to [email protected]


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Find more about the company on our website (updates to site pending)




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