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Who We Are

Reim Entertainment is a small group of hobbyists and amateurs working in their spare time to work on our first game to break into the gaming industry together. Everyone has full-time or part-time jobs on top of working on the game. We are all bootstrapping the project. What’s unique about our group is that everyone has a part ownership in the company. Each person’s ownership grows the more they contribute to the project. This is done in the form of equity. We also have a Rev-Share plan based on the profitability of the game when it is released.

Check out Slicing the Pie to learn more about the process: https://slicingpie.com/the-new-pie-slicer/

Open Positions

We currently do not have any open positions at this time.

Website: https://reimentertainment.com/

Anzen: Echoes of War

The game is in early development.

Anzen is a low-price premium mobile Sci-fi Fantasy Action Role Playing Game with a story mode, end game content, seasonal challenges and only cosmetic in-app purchases. The game will be continually updated with bug fixes, balancing and content expansions.

Genre/Platform: ARPG for iOS and Android

Game Engine: Unity

Check out our website https://playanzen.com/

Story Synopsis

The children of Freyden grow up hearing an old tale about powerful artifacts called the Echoes. They were used to end the ancient war against an evil force long ago. Not many believe the Echoes are real or that such a war even took place, but a new enemy has surfaced, and they are wreaking havoc on the world with one goal in mind. Find the Echoes of War.

Only a handful of old texts talk about the Echoes. One of these texts are protected by one of the most powerful organizations in the world, the Guardians of Freyden. Guardians are elite soldiers, wielders of magic, and protectors to the people or at least they used to be. Now, these once noble warriors only protect the wealthy and the powerful.

A small group of Guardians want to use the text to find the Echoes before the enemy but how do you find something that no one believes exists?

Art Direction

Science fantasy set in the distant future of our modern-day world that is diverse and multicultural.

  • Stylized
  • Warm colors
  • No over sexualization of characters
  • Old elements existing with the new because it takes time to phased out the old


Kyra Dey

Her parents died when she was young and was orphaned. She refused to live in an orphanage, so she ran away and grew up roaming the streets. Every day was a struggle to find food and shelter. Stealing was a regular practice to stay alive. Her life changed the day she crossed Owen Togashi, the Master of the Guardians and became a Guardian recruit. Kyra became a prodigy of the Guardians. Her aptitude for combat was extraordinary. She follows the orders she is given to the letter and has unwavering faith in Owen Togashi.


Guardian Spire

The Spire is the main headquarters of the Guardians. While there are many branches throughout Freyden this is the largest and most iconic landmark in the country. Guardians train, live and learn here. This building handles everything and anything from administration to recruitment and a fully stocked armory.


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