Mech - Leviathan Sentinel

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Hi, Polycount!

I can finally share with you this project that I've been working for the past three weeks!

More images and TT:

"Leviathan" is a cinematic/film model created by the talented David Sho(, who provided the model so I could work on the UV's, textures and lookdev for my upcoming Advanced Texturing class at Think Tank online. We didn't have a concept, so I had to think about the look from scratch by using real life references.

For more info, check their website:

It was a huge challenge to finish this project in such a short period of time, but I can only thank the school for the opportunity, it is a dream coming true having the opportunity to share with students things that I've been learning in the past three years in the VFX industry.

"Leviathan" was done using Mari, Substance Painter, Vray and Nuke

For more info and images, check my Artstation


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