Brutality - a medieval combat brawler board game


Hey guys! I'm excited to share with you some work that a few friends and I have made for a new board game, BRUTALITY, to celebrate the Kickstarter going live. From the brain of designer extraordinaire Stephan Frost, Brutality features a variety of different heroes that you can do battle as. There are four sculpted so far, with more in progress.

Right, let's get to the art! 

First up is Sadie Ironcrest - A Warden charged with vanquishing Dead Gods in Bloodwood Forest, she carries her demi-God baby on her back along with her saint-forged blade. This sculpt is brought to you by the talented Brian McClain.
You can see more of Brian's art at his Artstation here:

Next up is The Grave Keeper - A solemn knight with a penchant for morbid traditions, the Grave Keeper buries the dead and, on occasion, the living. This was sculpted by the rugged and handsome Edward Crane.
You can find Ed's Artstation here:

Try not to lose your head, because now it's time for
The Conjurer - Ophelia is a powerful psychic that uses Saint Martin's severed head to summon ghosts from the spirit realm, and commands them to fight. The Conjurer was spawned in a dark room while facing west using nothing but hopes and dreams. She was summoned by Lija Padilla.
Visit Lija's Artstation here: or like follow subscribe him on his twitter here: @EightWildly

Lastly, The God Killer - The son of a disgraced king from an empire with no Saint to protect them, he was charged by his father to find armor and weapons strong enough to kill all the Saints invading their home. This shy little guy was headbutted into existence by myself, Brent LaDue.

You can find my Artstation here: or follow all my non game art related rants at @bounchfx

The backbone of all this we lay before you is the Art Direction, concepts and feedback from the powerful red-orange wizard (and exceptional artist) known as Kory Hubbell. You can find his art here:, on Instagram @korylynnhubbell, and featured all over the Brutality website itself.

The kickstarter page can be found here:
and the website for the board game itself, here:
Definitely go check out all the awesome illustrations, figures, and more at the website!

When we have more to share in the future we will append it to this thread. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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