3d diorama based on warframe

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did a small 3d diorama based on warframe. You can rotate it here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/J6ywD

Initially I had an idea of making few 3D dioramas for Marmoset's web viewer based on my favorite computer games and possible movies\cartoons\anime for 3D viewer specifically, using a simplified style to do it fast and efficient, for fun and practice. It was hard to choose the first game to start from, but it happened to be warframe (huge mistake as I see it now).

I'm an old Warframe fan and the game changed significantly from the time that I first played it, there are 4 main factions and a lot of different locations within each, based on the plannet's bioms so it was a bit hard to choose the one to make, and even I really admire the orokin architecture and style, I decided to use most iconic look. Grineer faction, with it's capsule lockers and recognizable consoles, bulky soldiers and the face of Warframe - excalibur himself.

I didn't have the final picture in my head so decided to begin with the grineer soldier as a starting point and build the surroundings to support it's look and style. 
It took me roughly a day to make it from high-poly to textures and of course to get appropriate references I had to install the game (wasn't playing for quite some time since I finished the second dream quests, that blew my mind) and even though there are 3d models in the the codex page unfortunately you can not freeze animation and rotate them the way you want...
It's not the best art, I just tried to make it fast and concentrate on big shapes and details.

First blockout looked simple, did the locker and created a very simple floor texture in substance designer, just to define the direction. And I stated to defined the mood of color grading somewhere at this point...

I want to stress that from the beginning I planned to make it for marmoset web viewer, and I tested all materials in web preview. Those who never used it don't realize, that apart from not supporting powerful render features, like GI, AO and less lighting quantity and quality, it actually alters the shader look, it makes it more glossy, so you should keep that in mind.

Next was the pillar, I checked the one the have in game and didn't really like it. it was ok, but here I wanted something else, so I designed this one.

Floors and walls were made in substance designer and there's not much to talk about, apart from maybe that I draw AO on the floor for the lockers to give a better look and prevent extra specularity, and I must admit that real ingame grineer ceiling looks gorgeous with all the pipes on it, but as I didn't want anything to obstruct the view from top down perspective I decided to make it as simple as possible.

Excalibur was a bit tricky to make, it has insane amount of detail and sculpting them all would make it noisy and hard to read on a small character, so I decided to stylize those once on the back the way they are now, which could be not the bast way to do it, as they are less angular and more curvy, any way I was in a hurry and didn't want to stay on one model for too long.

Once I assembled the scene I realized that the pillar is not detailed enough to support everything else in scene. I didn't want to re-model anything, so I took it back to Substance Painter and added those details that I thought were appropriate.

The last thing was adding the planes with fake BG to make it look that all the light comes from it. There's no proper transition between foreground and background because it's there just for the feel.

and few more images from different stages that I think look cool


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