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Welcome to my Sketchbook, my name is Elias Wick and I am a 3D Modeller and Environmental artist. I've recently quit my job to start focusing on a carrier in game development. Over the last few years I have taken a great interest in "Development problems", which would be things such as: All of my key-bindings are gone!? or, 3Ds Max keeps crashing.

I have a YouTube channel where I upload content, anything from Speed Modelling, Tutorials or Programming. My most popular series is my [30 Day Low Poly Modelling Challenge] which I created a little over a year ago.
Here is a link to my YouTube channel:

In the future you will see me upload projects and images of all kinds of things, mostly 3D Modelling and Environments. I hope you enjoy your stay!

How I created A Game In 2 Days!


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