[UE4] [WIP] Neo-Deco Xeriscape

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willdebeast vertex
Hello! I've been working on a terrarium-like project to develop my organic sculpting and texturing skills, starting with a log and some rocks, I'll be expanding to some desert/mediterranean-ish plants, succulents, as well as a Art-Deco-ish enclosure. The context for this is some sort of large display of the flora of a foreign land in a city (trying to draw contrast between dry and organic, with a moist, metallic, manmade surrounding).

Here are some of my work in progress shots! In terms of style, I want the textures and forms to be Dishonored-esque, somewhat painterly, and exaggerated. I still feel that the textures are too noisy or washed out, how can I make these prettier? 

I'm also not sure about my ground texture, in terms of art direction, I've included some of my different options, I think that the dark one works best. Not sure about sand, thinking more in terms of rocks, pebbles, or some kind of crushed shell gravel.

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