50's Diner Scene UE4

Hello all, my names Lee and this is my first post on polycount. Over the last 2 months I have been working on this diner scene in my spare time and It has been really coming together recently. The problem I have been having would be ways to light the scene better, ways to make the walls more interesting, and a cleaner entryway. Any feedback you could toss my way would be greatly appreciated. 


  • Yura_Vorobiev
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    Yura_Vorobiev greentooth
    Hello, are you use dynamic or static lighting? I think that you might add spotlights for the bulb lighting. Also you can add volumetric fog, use some postprocessing. There is amazing tutorials unreal 4 lighting academy, check it out, it's very helpful. So far pretty nice start, good luck in finishing it!
  • The3DLioness
    Really cool ! I love the details , and the style !
    • The problem with the wall is that most retro diners have no textures on their walls and are all shiny materials instead , and when they do have textured walls , they are usually in smaller areas. I suggest leaving the really cool gray textured wall , and changing the opposite blue walls to plain and shiny , and possibly a color more between gray and blue.
    • Floor tiles also tend to be much larger.
    • The lights need to be brighter and spread out more. To create mood lighting in diners , the colors usually stay somewhat bright , but changed to blue , sometimes orange , and spread out less , if that makes sense. I like that your lighting actually does spread to the focus.
    • To clear the entryway , you need to rearrange your lovely decorations. Frames , posters , any details on the walls are always straight - lined , following a straight pattern , and never directly near the door. Most restaurants of any sort want customers to have the more attractive decorations as the first parts they see when they enter to have a nice impression , but they can't really see the details if they are not in front of the eye - sight. I suggest moving them some where more in front of the door , on the opposite walls.
    I really like the start. The modeling is wonderful. The chairs and tables are the best part of the scene , and every object has attention to detail. Nice work !

    Here's a reference , if the picture works.

  • LeeRice3D
    So I took some of your advice and changed the wall materials and the tile sizing, I am still working on lighting and rearranging the decorations.
  • LeeRice3D
  • LeeRice3D
  • shabba
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    shabba polycounter lvl 10
    - That solid black line just divides the space for me, I'd maybe think about removing it, and doing something different. Not that you have to replicate it, but the black/white checker floor tile is definitely charming/classic diner. So maybe removing it from your counter base, and putting it on the floor instead could help.
    - I think you just scaled up the previous white tile, however, now the grout is far too thick. Looks odd
    - Openings and doors typically have some kind of trims, or support/transition. Might help /w the big openings on the left.
    - Also think about floor/wall transition trims, counter to floor transition trims. take a look at some ref, it helps ground/break up the large material surfaces
    - the lights have no connecting component to the ceiling. looks odd
    - The super blurred image out the windows also looks weird, I'd consider making something geo and actually extending an exterior if you plan on having transparent windows. Just blurring a large image doesnt look right
    -I'd work on coming up with a better setup for lighting in order to combine the variety of sources you have here. If there is alot of natural light pouring in b/c its midday, well maybe the interior lights might not have such a powerful effect, or maybe arent even on? Or are just selectively on as decorative accents?
    - Not sure somethings are in PBR ranges? And material definition/detail scale could use a pass on most objects.
    - Also think about all the different patterns of materials you are using here and how noisy it all feels. 

    Keep going!
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