[PAID][CLOSED] Looking for 3D character animator for a turn-based strategy game

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The position is closed now. Thanks, everyone! :)

We're a small team based in Seattle, WA developing a turn-based strategy game called Phantom Brigade.

Our game revolves around walking tanks (in other word, mechs). There are no shortcuts to getting those machines moving with appropriate weight and grace (you can't exactly drive them with some standard human rig and generic third-party animations) - and since we're a team of technical artists with limited animation experience, we're find ourselves looking for a 3D character animator. 

We don't have any fixed preferences in terms of software, experience or location - what's important to us is your ability to author great animations. Give us a video (or SketchFab/Viewer links) showing a well-made rig executing weighty, appealing moves and attacks - ten times out of ten we'd choose that over a long CV.

Beyond the ability to make great animations, our only preference is availability around or above 20 hours a week - we'd like to find a new team member who would be interested in continuous participation, would be open to discussing the tasks and contributing to direction of the project as opposed to a freelancer tasked with completing one-off work. We have nothing against freelancing on short contracts, but animation of main game characters is a task that requires continuous iterative work and sustained communication with tech artists responsible for the in-game animation system - so we'd prefer to set up a long term contract with monthly compensation.

We have diverse backgrounds in technical art and performance critical programming and we love coming up with custom tools and creative solutions to content problems. So if you have experience with in-game animation systems, would like to propose some changes or would like to get a custom tool simplifying some aspect of content production - we're always open to ideas. For example, we automated animation of the mechanical joints, so there is no need for an animator to manage all the small bits constrained to certain rotation orders and axes - you just point the arm forward, and our code does the rest, automatically posing half a dozen of elements connecting it to the body.

The work is done remotely, using Git, Slack and Trello, so anyone from Perth to St. Petersburg is most welcome.
If you're interested, please send us a message at [email protected]


Small trailer:


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