[RIOT CREATIVE CONTEST 2017] - Character Art - Project : Draven - SladeDigital

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SladeDigital polycounter lvl 4
Well looks like i'm joining in this year as well , Just trying to come up with the right concept and what not!  ;) 


  • Elithenia
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    Elithenia polycounter
    looking forward to seeing what you come up with
  • GravityBwlast
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    GravityBwlast greentooth
    Nice to see you stepping in! Can't wait to see what you'll do. :)
  • SladeDigital
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    SladeDigital polycounter lvl 4
    Thank you guys, you're toooo kind .

    anyways I was gonna do a girl, as always...
    But Steffen yet again brought to my attention that I need to vary my work much more and do some Dudes and Armor or Dudes in Armor, and as much as I don't wanna admit he's right, he is indeed right and that's what  I've been doing

    Unlike most folks out there, I never sketch anything (and this isn't a good way of doing things ) but  when starting a project I look at a bunch of different stuff and I just feed those images and ideas to my brain and I come up with stuff as I go.

    the Logic behind the process was, I wanted to do a Male character and add some sort Armor or sci fi elements to it , I picked Draven from League of Legends, he looks cool  and so does his weapons, since those are Spinning Axes I decided I could go ahead and Sci them up! some Laser Blades on those things, kinda like what they did on Tron Legacy.

    The Project series of Skins that Riot came up with were just the perfect inspiration for me, Specially with their latest set of skins for Jhin , Vayne and Vi.  Halo was also another of my inspirations, i've always liked their armor  designs and how bulky the characters look, although I tried to stray away from that in order go make him look more Agile under that armor.

    Here's a gif of sketching the ideas and  slowly cleaning things as I went.

    Still trying to finish that helmet properly, and I need to come up with ideas for the hands and the feet,
    The colors i've choose so far ,are mainly place holders as well, I need to come up with a different combination .

    more to come soon!

    Critics and comments are more than appreciated!

  • AnthonyAnimation
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    AnthonyAnimation greentooth
    Draaaaaven! I love it. You have a pretty cool start. Unfortunately Project Jhin has a fur collar, which could definitely be a Draven thing. My only worry is that it could look too similar to that skin.

    Things that define Draven to me: Gaudiness, mustache, axes.  You could also play around with implementing his tattoos in some way. Not necessarily giving him tattoos, but something that evokes it. Anyway, just thinking out loud, I can't wait to see where it goes!
  • Yangyexin
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    Yangyexin triangle
    Hmmm looks way too much like project jhin, hope you're going to change that soon!
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