(On Site, Full Time) Elastic Games are Hiring: Environment Artist, Animators & UE4 Programmers

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Hey Elastic games in Montréal are hiring in several positions to help with the final touches before we launch the game. We're looking for pretty swell dudes to join us on site in Montreal.

If you think you're dope enough send an email to James at [email protected] with a link to your porfolio or attach your works.

We're currently looking for:

An Environment Artist to join me in producing levels - you'll be in charge of entire scenes! Not just a small cog you'll have control over huge portions of the game.

An Animator to help polish up & produce animations for the game. Again you'll have a lot of creative control in this.

Programmers: I realize polycount is mainly an art forum, but if you or anyone you know is looking to hop on board and assist in developing for UE4 send them over to us.

Mainly interested in people from the States & Canada but if you're good enough I'm sure we'll find a way to accommodate you. We're also an Anglophone studio, so French isn't required (Though you can join me in learning it if you'd like)

http://www.lastyearthegame.com/ <- This is the game you'll be helping wrap up for the next six months.
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