Next-Gen Terrain Texturing question

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Hey, I've been doing some terrain texturing at work and so I've been thinking about the methodology a bit more in depth lately. One thing I notice with all these amazing substance textures I see on the web is that they look amazing as a material, but may not necessarily tile well. Is this less of a concern today with the ability to interactively paint the placement of multiple layered textures in Unreal? With the focus being more on high quality details rather than nondescript textures that have the ability cover large areas?



  • Eric Chadwick
    Really depends on your spec. Still matters, I say. Yes you are designing with the best hardware in mind (lots of deco meshes), but you have to allow for the medium hardware (less decos) and the lowest spec too (almost no decos). There are always levels of detail when doing landscapes. Keep the more unique bits for the decorative elements.

    Caveat: my game dev experience is a few years out of date. I'm not in games any more. But when I was doing it I did a bunch of terrain work for different kinds of games. PC, mobile, open world vs. small stages.
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